Saturday, September 09, 2006


I'm pretty tired. I had to get up at about 8:00, which doesn't seem that early, but seeing as I didn't get to bed until 12:30, it didn't add up to much sleep. Had my first CYO practice today. That was fun. Surprisingly, I'm first, but that's only because none of the previous 3 bassoonists stuck around this year, so. But it was really fun. I sit beside Nathan, who's an amazing clarinet player, and we kinda already know each other, so that's good. I really have to practice my parts, but I also really want my own bassoon back. I'm already tired of the school one, and I've only played it twice.

Threw a surprise birthday party for Kelskie yesterday. That was fun. I got hyped up on sugar. Played a game of pool. I serious want to steal her pool table. Just so I have one, because I want one so bad. I hope everyone had fun. Kelskie got some interesting presents. =)

I organized my music today, which is good. It really needed it. Oh, and I'm going to polish that school bassoon before I give it back, because it would actually be much prettier if it was nicely polished.

Alright...I think it's bed time. Saturday nights will be my only day to really sleep in


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