Monday, September 18, 2006


Yup...more homework. I actually finished my english without too much trouble. I had most of it done already, but still. And social...I know I shouldn't leave it, but I am. Which is also making me worry, because I have a calm thing due on Friday, and I haven't even started working on it. So I don't know when I'm going to get that done, especially now that all of my music things are starting up again. But I guess I'll have to figure out a time, even if I have to spend all night doing homework sometime this week. Which hopefully won't happen, but you never know.

I did get into senior jazz though, along with Randall. I'm so happy! It's gonna be so much fun. I'm guessing one of us will be put on tenor, seeing as he said he was only going to accept one sax in the first place. So...I dunno. But I'll play anything. He could tell me I'd have to learn trumpet to play in senior jazz, and I swear I'd do my best. Josh also got in, and Erika, so I think senior jazz will be super fun. Although I'm missing Vic Lewis, which will really suck, but whatever.

I'm also missing Chris Weait because of Mexico! I'm so mad. He's this super bassoonist. He taught my teacher, and the teacher I had in Colorado, and he's coming to Calgary for some master classes for the academy. I'll get a lesson with him on Saturday, but I won't be able to be at the masterclass he's having on Monday! I hope my teacher's still organizing a reed making class with him, and hopefully I'll be able to go to that, because I really want to meet him as much as I can, he sounds like an amazing guy. And I'm missing his masterclass!

Hm...Wind Ensemble starts tomorrow. I'll have to talk to Paddock...I have to leave practice at 8:00 for alto sectionals for choir. I'm interested to see which bassoonists will join. I know me and Maggie will be there for sure, but maybe a grade 10 bassoonist or two will show up, which will be interesting.


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