Sunday, September 03, 2006

Quote of the day...

"It's not a day, until you've blogged it,"


Today was another day consisting of nothing of real importance. I played a video game with my brother (Chibi-Robo), then played a little bit of Mario Bros. on DS, then played Animal Crossing on DS. Played a little piano. Read a little. Watched a little tennis.

My dad brought home a bunch of tree branches from his friend's place. Apparently some neighbor was getting rid of a tree, so we got loads more firewood! We used a good chunk of it tonight. Now I smell like smoke. =)

Um...I sent out an e-mail to the ensemble, so we're trying to plan new practice times. So far we just need to hear back from Ryley and Andrea. I really hope they're okay with practicing on weekends, because that's really the easiest (and almost only available) option right now. So we shall see.

Oh, and the axe-murderer never did come in that movie. Two people went mental in cars, and one died. And some blond girl killed a couple people with an ice pick. She was going to kill the cop, who she had been in a relationship with the whole movie, but didn't. And the cop ended up shooting some other brunette girl because he thought she was the bad one. I kept telling him from the middle of the movie that the blond was the creepy one. But no...he fell for her anyways...I was quite dissapointed in that movie...


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