Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Social and calm

I really have to stop titling my posts after whatever homework I've just done. So I'll work on that. Anyways. I did get calm done...and social...mostly, anyways.

Paddock kinda scared me today...I think he was kinda mad that a bunch of people had to leave for choir...but with Paddock, I can only sometimes tell if he's actually mad. So...I decided not to take the chance, and I bolted for the band room door. Which totally broke my heart at the same time, because we're playing the Children's March in Wind Ensemble.

I'm playing tenor in senoir jazz. That should be fun. I hope there's one at school I can use tomorrow...seeing as I don't have one. But if not, I guess I can murder the tenor parts on the soprano.

And...yeah. Life is good. Not much more to say about that. I've spent almost the last 2 hours on the computer, so I'm kinda sick of it. I'll be off now.


P.S: Love you, Ry. =)

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