Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First day

This post will be kinda short. I just feel like going to bed right now. I don't really know why...just because.

Anyways, I went in early today to help with the grade 10 orientation. That was fun, except a bunch of the groups thought we were nuts, and weren't willing to dance and sing. Which was super lame, and I'm mad at them. But I met a new music guy who just moved here. He plays grade 9 piano, it's amazing.

It was good to see people again. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, when I'll see even more people. So that's good.

I had my first theory lesson today, which was actually really fun. Our teacher plays flute, and he is so cool. He's a theory teacher, a performer (he's played with the CPO a couple times), and a composer. Except when he told us about it, it sounded like he does theory and composition more so he can understand the music better then anything else. Anyways, it was really cool. I doubt I'll be falling asleep in theory anymore.

I also found out that Christine, a french horn from CYO, is also in my theory class. Which is funny, because Kelskie was just telling me about her today, and then I met her in my theory class. I found it all quite amusing.

So...bed now, I think. I should have organized all my stuff for tomorrow morning, but whatever.


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