Friday, September 29, 2006

Band camp!

Band camp was so fun! I'm so exhausted! But I honestly miss it so much. My first thoughts getting home was like, "yay, I'm home, sleeping in, and relaxing, and not playing all the time...I miss band camp..."

Anyways, it was really fun. We did a scavenger hunt last night, which was so much fun. Everything worked out so well. I got to wander around in the trees with glowsticks in my hair and around my neck. I ran away from groups when they spotted me. It was fun. Even though I stepped in ankle deep mud, almost lost my show, tripped on stumps, logs, branches, bushes, fell into mud, and nearly killed myself running away from all those was so fun. Especially since a lot of people had trouble finding me, which made it all worth it.

So then after that, me and most of my cabin stayed up until about 2:00 in the morning, and wake up call was at seven. I'm so tired...but it was so much fun. I'm writing a soap opera for the's quite interesting. Especially since very little of it is actually true. Josh wasn't very happy to find out that in the soap opera he's madly in love with Christyne...but I'm not changing it, so he'll have to live with it.

Josh looks so awesome with straight hair. The process was so funny, and looked really painful. Although Kelskie brushing my hair was pretty painful too...but I'm probably more used to my hair being brushed then Josh is. Anyways, I'll have to get everyone to send me all their pictures of that night. I'm thinking of making a slideshow with them. Or something like that. Josh also looks lovely with make-up. =)

Poor Alistair.

Anyways, I could go on about band camp forever, but, as stated above, I am quite tired, and I have CYO practice tomorrow, so I'd better go. You'll probably be hearing more about band camp soon anyways. Speaking of which, I have to find out how many days till next band camp...


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