Monday, February 26, 2007


I'm quite tired. Not all the time, but sometimes I just simply crash. It's nuts. At least festival season is ending. Yes, I know that doesn't include Kiwanis, but I'm not in it, so it doesn't apply to me. So there. So now I might actually be able to slow down a little, and maybe the band directors will stop threatening to kill us.

Anyways, I know I haven't posted for a while. It's just that everytime I actually get home and use the computer, it's so late I just want to do my homework and go to bed. Or usually just go to bed. Either way works. This post is going to be brief, because it's still late, and I have physics homework. And I kinda want to get more food...

So, there were so many things I heard and totally decided I was going to post them here, but I don't think I can remember all of them. Of course, I'm going to try. Many of them were exchanged between me and Henry.

"Yay for skin!"
"Wanna go cross pollinate?"
"It's like I'm always telling my husband, try something different sometimes."
"Don't ever smile that innocently again. You're not fooling anybody, and it's kinda creepy."

I know there were more, but I don't want to think of them right now. I've got Kelskie on msn right now, so I think I'm gonna get some bedtime food, and settle down at the computer to do some physics homework. Chances are I'll just end up eating and chatting, but at least I can tell myself I'll get some homework done, right?


"Vous sommes? Who in their right mind says vous sommes?"

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Rethack said...

I think you should talk about Rascal Flatts concert and how amazing it was :P
:) thank you so much