Friday, February 16, 2007

The Solution to my Life

I've finally found it. It was sitting in front of me for so long, and I never even thought about it. Just goes to show you I should pay more attention. Anyways, Kathryn's been saying this for weeks, and all this time I only ever related it to the clarinets...and perhaps the trumpets.

"If you miss a note, you miss a note. You can't go back for it."

It's so simple. She must have said it about a thousand times tonight, and I only hit me at the very end of rehearsal how much I needed to pay attention to that phrase.


"My favorite song has turned into my confidence-crusher..."

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Anonymous said...

Hey Robyn
I must agree with that it's soo true you can only go forward no going back in time.. it's not possible. (yet.)

Well anyways commenting on my friends blog I just said something and I really liked it and it was like "how did I just come up with that" but I figure you need to hear it as it can go for you too cause you still have your days...
here is goes..

Some days are hard, some days are easy. You can't pick the good or the bad days. So all you can do is make the good days exceptional, and the bad days bearable.

okay enough of Kelsie Wisdom for the night. See you tomorrow!