Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Relapse day!

Yippee...today wasn't fun. I think the best parts of the day were the first five seconds in the band room when there was just me and Glenn...laying under the piano with Kate...and sleeping at Mount Royal while I was waiting for a ride. It's also a bad sign when I go to say "Well, the good news is..." and then can't think of any good news.

I guess once I got away from school things got a little better. I kinda got that 'I wish I were far away' feeling again today. Hopefully this was just not my day, and it'll be better tomorrow. Although I'm not exactly counting on it, but I can hope, right?

Anyways, I should be doing french homework. And I totally forgot to print out my english, and then I forgot to talk to him about forgetting it, so I really hope he won't make me redo it, because that would totally suck.

Today has not been my day.


"Thanks for showing up guys..."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

robyn this is okay. you had two good days then a relapse day so that only means things are slowly getting better
I love you and you know that!
too bad your birthday wasn't sooner.. I would get you chocolate some more chocolate and then some more because it's the only thing you seem to want to eat on these days.
think happy.. think basson music no better yet... CHILDRENS MARCH!!!