Sunday, February 04, 2007

I love practicing!

I had such an amazing practice today. I went in my room at 5:00 and didn't come out until 7:00. And all I did in that time was warm up, play through a study, and then the rest was all spent on orchestral excerpts. Mind you, now I never want to play Scorcerers Apprentice ever again. But I did start out playing it at 60, and by the end I was almost at 120. So, that was good. A lot of people love that song, but they don't know that the bassoons are in the back, practically dying. Anyways.

Other then that I didn't do much. I made a bracelet out of some scrap string, just to get rid of it, since I have a lot of scrap string laying around right now. And now I'll be up late doing homework because I didn't do any over the weekend. Go me.

I did start working on Rae's song...but then my uncle started rewiring stuff downstairs, meaning he turned the power off, meaning he hit the switch that cut the power from the computer. So that was fun.

Hm...I meant to do some serious wood shedding with sax today, since I can't play almost any of the fast runs in our jazz songs. I also can't remember if I have any Physic's homework.

On the bright side, Aidan said he's like to join a new ensemble that me and Corey are making. At least, trying again, since our other one died. So I'm excited. I'll have to let Corey know so we can't start searching for music.

Anyways, I should actually finish my homework so I can go to bed.


"He probably sends the orcs out for groceries."

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