Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Feeling Lazy

Yes, indeed. That pretty much says it all. I don't feel like writing music, or doing homework. All I technically have is physics anyways, although I should do some english, if I was a smart person. Maybe after posting I'll feel more in the mood to do something productive.

I was quite happy this morning. I totally made my reed work. Like, the reed that I made myself. I'm very happy about that. Now I just have to work on more reeds so that I have a bunch of functional reeds, instead of just one. That'll be a nice change. Much excitement. I was right, I did end up doing the wall test with my old reed. I was so fed up with it. And it did actually feel quite nice to just get rid of it.

French was rather dull. All correcting and reading. By the time physics rolled around, I had lost the will to work. So I did basically nothing, which is really why I think I should at least try to get some questions done, seeing as we have an acceleration quiz tomorrow. Math was a repeat of physics, except instead of just having no will to work, I was actually quite tired. Plus, for almost the first time in math, I see absolutely no point in what we're doing. Blah.

Hm...wonder what tomorrow will be like...


"I'm on the floor, and I'm going to poke you."

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