Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mood Swings!

I really hate the fact that my mood can change in a second. And it's usually because of stupid little things. Anyways, I'm really sick of it, and I wish I could just be happy all the time like I was last year.

Today was actually a good day. I went to Corey's for our ensemble practice, which was fun. It always is. =)

I was in a kinda bad mood when I started this, but then I looked at this picture and it made me I hoping for too much with this thing? I've kinda been thinking about it, and I'm kinda starting to worry that I'd get too attached. But again, that's assuming anything will happen, which it probably won't. Why do I have to get so happy over things that aren't even garenteed to happen?

Anyways, I really don't want to be up all night, so I think I'm going to start homework now. I know I told a bunch of people I'd start posting more Spain stories on here since I got more pictures, and I swear I will start doing that. But right now I can't stop thinking about that english response that I have to do...


"I wanna be a cool geek too!"

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