Monday, March 19, 2007

I love my life!

Yes indeed, life is very good right now. I like it when life's good.

Hehe, yay for more YouTube links. I have to update my list of YouTube video's over there ---> since I have a bunch of new ones I should put up.

Anyways, I really don't have that much to say. Other then the fact that I totally had a physics thing due today, so it's going to be late. Speaking of which, my uncle just got home, and I need to ask him for physics help, so this can't be much longer.

And I figured I only have to live until after Red Deer camp. I mean, I thought that I could die now and be happy, but I figured I actually have to go to Colorado camp, since I know I'll be even happier once I'm actually there. And I figured if I'm living until the end of Colorado camp, I might as well stick around until Red Deer, since I've always had an awesome time there, and if I died just before that, I'd be kinda sad. So, as long as I can stay alive until after Red Deer camp, then I can die completely satisfied.

I bet half of that didn't make sense to anybody. It hardly makes sense to me. I'm just blabbing now. Welcome to Robyn's mind when she's happy. She blabs a lot. She also slips into third person, apparently.

Anyways, I'd better go before this post becomes even weirder. And I really do have to get my physics done before it gets to late, because I don't really want to stay up late tonight. Well, not to do homework, anyways.


"You just got group hugged!"


Anonymous said...

hehe I did!!!
"You just got group hugged!"
that made me happy :)
sorry i was so AHHH today i'm not good when I don't know what's going on or what to do. and you've shown me that i'm very indecisives on many levels.
Happy but not
accepting it but denying it
glad someone does but at the same time not..
your right what are we going to do with me...

Melda said...

*Pokes you* Don't forget we have to visit sometime this summer :) not that I'm getting greedy or anything...but I don't relish the idea of seeing you over spring break and then having to wait until christmas :P